Before we called Waco home, I spent 35 years in the broadcast industry. During my media career, lunch was usually a quick bite and then it was back to the studio. However, dinner has always been the main event and the meal I remember most as a kid, growing up Italian. Dinner is when our family would all sit together and commune. I still love a good dinner with friends and family. I don’t like to rush, but rather take my time to enjoy both the food and our fellowship.

For us, making customers feel at home is easy — we treat every guest like family.

When looking to establish MOROSO Wood Fired Pizzeria, we fell in love with this community, its churches, our neighbors and the warmth we’ve felt from everyone who welcomed us here. We feel so blessed to call Waco our home and believe it was divine providence that we moved here.

Sourcing Italian specialty items was not easy at first. We had to convince our food purveyors that Waco would wholeheartedly support our Neapolitan pizza concept. Eventually, they agreed to support us. Our efforts have now helped pioneer the way for other establishments in central Texas to procure Italian flour, wines, cheeses, beer and specialty meats, enriching our restaurant community at large. We’re thrilled to share my Italian heritage with the Waco community.

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